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HISTORIC - 90 (007) Spectre EDITION in Firenze Red Metallic

Firenze red 90 undergoing prep for resale. 1992 left hand drive rot free £39,995.00. Leather interior. 2” lift, 37” tyres. For USA export #customdefenders #spectre #usadefenders #bespokedefenders #historicmotoringsolutions

Currently in build, please see spec below images;

Red 90 Spectre 007 in Firenze Red metallic, Contrasting black roof, 200tdi engine Lt77, 5 speed transmission, Rot free chassis , bulkhead and doors, Black carpets, Led lights, Spectre arches, Fire and ice side steps, Masai side windows, Exmoor black leather interior, Steam cleaned and waxoiled chassis, Polybushed suspension, 2” lift new springs and shocks, Front roll hoop, Black checkerplate - From £39,995.00

To enquire about this build or to Spec your own truck, Please contact us by CLICKING HERE

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